Elf on the Shelf Goodbye Letter

We got our elf in 2011, so that makes this our 6th year of having him around!  My oldest son had just turned 4, so when it came time to name him I thought we’d end up with a silly name.  But, after we read the book, his little mind latched on to the fact that he’s a “scout” elf, so his name is Scout.  Not super original, but fitting.  I see all the creative and cute things that other parents do with their elves and almost every year, I pin some and print some out, thinking that I’m going to do them.  But, in truth, I’m just happy that I remember to move him!!  I might do one or two of the cute things, but other than that Scout is just hanging out in different places around the house.  If it’s a year that we’re visiting my husband’s family, then he also travels with us!

Last year, I found some good-bye letters that I thought were cute.  Click here to see a sample of 15 good-bye letters and some of the links offer downloads.  My favorite was #14 from Watch Me Home School because it was simple, cute, and Jesus focused.  I like to have fun with Christmas, so I want my kids to as well, but I feel like mentioning Jesus and weaving Him into the fun stuff is very beneficial and hopefully helps keep them mindful of the real “reason for the season.”  I slightly altered the original version and have provided one where you can edit it with your children’s and elf’s names.  Click on the image below and the PowerPoint file should download.

This year I also came across these Elf on the Shelf Notes from Love Laughter Forever After.  My oldest had been acting up in the mornings and was trying to refuse to go to school, so I had Scout leave him a “naughty” note.  I wasn’t sure if he would buy it, but it looks like we have at least one more year of him being a believer because he fell for it hook, line, and sinker!  Now, when I wake him up in the morning before school, I get this sweet, little boy telling me, “Good morning, Mommy,” and no attitude about getting dressed or what’s for breakfast or anything else!

I hope everyone’s enjoying their elves and hopefully their more well behaved kids for at least a little while longer!

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